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Tough Times — Travel Together

We all need to work together for this current season. If you would like to make your food products available through our store, please get in touch with us.

Our Product Ranges

We know you’ll want Wun in your mouth

At the end of a busy day, when you’re hungry for a quick delicious bite, our dumplings are just what the doctor ordered. Armed with a pack of frozen dumplings, a pot of boiling water and a splash of our signature dipping sauce, a satisfying snack is only ever moments away.

Yum cha at home any time of day or night

With our tasty range of frozen dumplings, dim sims and crispy spring rolls, Wun Hung Lo is your friend in the freezer on busy days when you’re run ragged; your catering weapon when unexpected visitors drop by; and your crave-busting buddy when nothing but Chinese takeaway will do, but you can’t wait for the darn delivery.

We make our little pockets of pleasure right here in Melbourne using classic recipes and the most flavoursome ingredients. Once prepared, they’re snap frozen, ready for your hot little hands to grab in packs direct from our website or from farmers markets across Melbourne.


Sensational chicken dumplings and dim sims.

Misty Carter

Enjoyed the delicious dumplings at the Eynesbury Farmers Market. Thoroughly enjoyed them.

Paul Dymock

Great dumplings.
Great people.

John Stavenuiter