Not just good dumplings – dumplings that do good

With Wun Hung Lo, every dumpling makes a difference

Selling our products at farmers markets across Melbourne each week, Wun Hung Lo is deeply connected to you, our customers, and the communities we’re all a part of. We also know there are bigger problems in the world than, “Chicken or beef?” Buying something yummy feels great, but buying something and giving back to those in need feels even better.

To help the communities that have supported our business as we’ve grown and help causes we feel strongly about, Wun Hung Lo is donating $10 from each 1kg bag of dumplings, (and a percentage from sauces) to a charity or community group.

It’s simple. When you order online, you can choose where your ‘dumpling dollars’ go. Simply pick your preferred charity and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dumplings to nosh while we donate some dosh

So go on, indulge in some of our delightful little morsels, guilt-free. Because you’re not just eating something yummy and nourishing, you’re also helping to make a difference in the lives of those around you.


Order now and decide where you want to us to donate your dumpling dollars